Minimess Microbore Pcp Filling Hose For Air Compressor

Short Description:

4500 Psi 300bar Paintball High Pressure Minimess Microbore Pcp Pump Filling Hose With Connector For Air Compressor

4500 psi air fill whip hose use on PCP pre-charge air gun, pumps etc, suitable for up to 300 bar working pressure.
Hose is approx' 50cm long, one end has a 1/8th bsp female fitting, the other end is 1/8th bsp female fitting. (Fittings can be customized)

Product Detail


Minimess Microbore Pcp Filling Hose For Air Compressor

Microbore hoses are a great way to get air into your gun without having to fill up a large-diameter hose- which is what traditionally comes with fill equipment such as scuba tanks and hand pumps. Our compressor air hose fills your gun faster so you can spend more time shooting and less time filling.

hose microbore

Product Description -

1. 50cm/100cm air line for use on all pcp air rifles and pistols.

2. Can be used on dive cylinders.

3. Comes with tightley woven antikink springs,this prevents the hose from bending at the ends and getting damaged or split.
4. Working pressure is 630 bar, hose will come with 1/8 bsp female connectors both ends so you can fit any 1/8 bsp fill probe (99% are 1/8 bsp) straight onto the end or any 1/8bsp quick coupler or fitting. (Fittings can be customized)

Color of filling hose: Black
Length of airrifle fill hoses with female connectors: 50CM/100CM
Filling hose type: DN2 Microbore Hose 1/8BSP Threads,can be customized
Micro bore Line 1/8″ BSPP male & female connectors  (Fittings can be customized)
air fill whip hose is suitable for up to 630bar working pressure.(Fit to gas Cylinder Valve)
High pressure dn2 hose with stainless steel spring protector


- Product Advantage -

1. 100% new with good quality.
2. 50cm/100cm air line for use on all pcp air filling and shooting.
3. Air compressor hose with an “Anti Kink” Spring on both two ends to help protect the hose from bending damage.

filling pail hose

 - Product Application -

 Pcp hoses work for paintball, PCP/air rifle/pcp hand pump/air tanks,100% Factory Made.

4500 psi air fill whip hose


 - About Us -

Topa is the professional pcp filling solution provider. We not only sell air filling products, but also provide solutions to keep your air fill easily.

Our main products are microbore pcp hose, 12V air compressors, 300Bar air compressor, pcp hand pump, pcp fill station, air tanks, pcp valve, and related products.

In TOPA you will find exactly products you want. We are a one-stop manufacturer for all your pcp needs!

hose used for filling


 - Product Package -

1. Use plastic film for protection inside;
2. Put more hose for air compressor into one carton;
3. Put more hose microbore cartons into one pallet;

oxygen nature gas soft filling hose


 - Reltead Products of high pressure hose with connector-

airrifle fill hoses with female connectors


How to contact us?

For more information about the hose used for filling, please contact us.

fire hose filling hose

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