FS2702 ORFS high pressure degree elbow coupling hydraulic hose fitting types

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FS2702 ORFS high pressure degree elbow coupling cnc press multi-platen male orb fitting face seal orfs hydraulic pump adapter
SAE O-Ring Face Seal ORFS Male Bulkhead 45° Elbow

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FS2702 ORFS high pressure degree elbow coupling hydraulic hose fitting types

SAE O-Ring Face Seal ORFS Male Bulkhead 45° Elbow
FS2702 hydraulic fittings correspond to the following:
SAE 520801
SAE 520118
Weatherhead 4375

face seal

The best leak protection available today. The male threaded flatface hydraulic hose fitting has a straight thread and an O-ring on the surface. The female flat type hydraulic coupling  has a straight thread and a machined plane. The sealing of flat hose and couplings is carried out by pressing the O-ring on the flat surface of the concave part, which is similar to a split flange joint. The thread of oring face seal fitting is mechanically fixedly connected.



flat face couplers

Application of orfs female swivel straight :Automobile,Engineering Machinery,Lathe,Agriculture Machine,Mining,Spurting the Oil Paint, Metallurgy petroleum, Construction, Chemicals,Textile, Ships, Ocean Military, Recreation, Electronics and so forth.


The o-ring o-ring face seal fitting uses straight threads and has a machined groove on the surface of the oring sealing face to  accommodate the O-ring (Buna rubber N or Viton material). The O-ring of flat hose and couplings is pressed against the orfs o-ring seal plate of male orb fitting to achieve a leak-proof connection

seal fittingswivel straight


Topa has aligned our process from Design to Delivery to achieve highest customer service levels. We have covered Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Marine, Oil and Gas Industries, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Semiconductor Industry and Emerging Industries.



male orb fitting


1.Inside cartons of hydraulic adapters : Plastic bag, air cushion film, sponge, vacuum pack plastic bag, rust prevented bag.
2. Outside cartons of adapter hydraulic: product label, ROHS compliant lable, temperature and humidity control label if required.
3.Then put orfs adapters to Pallets or wooden. cases Or according to customers’ requirements.


oring sealing face

We specialize in the manufacture of hydraulic hose fitting adapters,  especially high pressure steel and Stainless Steel Fitting.

For example:

face seal


We produce a full line of hydraulic hoses and fittings including Tube Adapters, as well as many other products for hydraulic, more details, please contact us.


elbow-90 orfs

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