6000 Psi Steel Sae Split Hose Pipe Flange Clamp With Bolt Size M20

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6000 Psi High Quality Hydraulic Solid Black Metal Mounting Steel Sae Split Hose Pipe Flange Clamp With Bolt Size M20

Black metal split flange is commonly used world wide to connect larger sizes of hose and tubing (3/4” to 3”) in fluid power systems.
Carbon steel split flange come in two pressure classes. The standard series, Code 61, which goes to 3,000 psi and the high pressure series, Code 62, where all the sizes are rated at 6,000 psi.

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6000 Psi Steel Sae Split Hose Pipe Flange Clamp With Bolt Size M20

Hydraulic flange clamp is belong to hydraulic flange system, it used to connect hydraulic flanged tube, hydraulic hose assemblies and piping. You can find this flange connection to hydraulic cylinder in excavator and loader.

black metal split flange

Sae flange clamp Description
Flange Clamps – Clamps are used for providing the holdingpower to the 4-bolt flange connection. They are offered in split and captive (one-piece) versions. Flange clamps are forged for higher strength and durability.

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Pipe flange clamp Applications

code 62 split flange widely applied in various hydraulic systems in the following fields of industry: Industrial Hydraulics, Injection Moulding Machinery, Aluminium Die-Casting Machinery, Sintering Machinery, Steel Mills, Hydraulic Presses, Paper Processing, Mobile Hydraulics, Building Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Forestry Machinery, Lifting and Material Handling Equipment…

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Flange clamps Advantage
split flange hydraulic fittings are used as a reliable alternative to regular pipe and tube connectors. Their biggest advantage is the considerably higher pressure resistance for many sizes and the continuous pressure level of the High Pressure Series which can operate with maximum working pressures of up to 400 bar.

sae j518 split flange clamps 3000psi

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Topa is the professional hydraulic fitting and hose solution provider. We not only sell hydraulic fitting and hose, but also provide solutions to customers.

Our main products are hydraulic flange clamp, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic hose, adapters and related products.

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Stainless steel flange clamps Package
1. hydraulic split flange use plastic film bag inside;
2. sae flange clamps’ cartons with model, quantity, size mark;
3. sae 2 split flange 1 4404′s use pallet packaging;
4. code 61 split flange accepts customized pallet sizes;

split flange clamp



sae j518c flanges

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sae whole flange clamps 6000psi

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sae whole flange clamps 3000psi

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