18npt 60psi paintball micro pressure gauge

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18npt 60psi thread 400bar pcp air gun manometer vacuum paintball micro pressure gauge
pressure gauge for fire extinguisher can withstand higher pressures. Different sizes are used for different equipment. Air guns, pumps, pumps,valves, etc.

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mini scuba diving pressure gauge


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Feature Pressure Gauge
pressure 10/20/30/40/50/60 Mpa
Thread M8*1 M10*1 1/8PF NPT/BSPP
Material Copper alloy
Diameter 23/25/40/60mm customized
Working temperature -40℃-70℃
background Color and white


                                   - Application -


tire pressure gauges


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pressure gauge 4000



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customized manometer pressure gauge

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air pressure gauge barometer


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pressure gauge for scuba diving

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