[Copy] Portable Pcp scuba Mini Topa Breathing_air_Tank diving Compressor

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Portable Pcpscuba Mini Topa Breathing_air_ Tankpcp Psi Breathe Diesel Engine Scba Screw Oil Free Diving Compressor
TOPA Electric scuba dive bottle compressor System 300bar/4500psi High Pressure Air System for Scuba Diving SCBA Breathing Paintball Tanks Filling

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 Portable Pcp scuba Mini Topa Breathing_air_Tank diving Compressor

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Each TOPA MP100 diving compressor breathing air is fitted with molecular sieve and activated carbon filtration ensuring air quality to EN12021,TOPA portable dive compressors are ideal for diving uses or dive work

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TOPA scuba diving portable air compressor are available with petrol or electric engines, both three-phase and single-phase. The diving breathable air compressor includes a filling connection with flexible tube with operating pressures from 232 to 300 bar, The frames of scuba diving compressor portable are also available in stainless steel

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The electric air compressor for diving models meet the needs of high pressure breathable air for the diving world, recreational activities, fire-fighting services and small paintball facilities.

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air compressor 4500psi scuba diving pump has the following diving compressor specification:
Charging rate: 100 L/min.- 6 m3/h . 3.5 CFM
Fllling time cylinder 10 L – 0-200 Bar: 20 min
Working pressure: 225 Bar 1 3300 Psi- 300 Bar 1 4300 Psi
Driven by: Three-phase electric motor
Power: 3 Kw
Full load Amp: 11.5 A (230V- 50/60Hz) 6,7 A (400 V . 50/60Hz)
Dimensions: height 35cm/13.7″. width 65cm/25.5″. depth 39cm/15.3″
Dry weight: 39 Kg / 85 Ibs
Noise pressure: 83 dB
Number of stages and cylinders: 4
Lubricating oil capacity: 300 cc (0.3L)/ 10FL. 0Z.
Lubricant: compressor oil
Frame: Powder coated steel
0i/mosture separator: After last stage with vortex generator
Filtration: Filter cartridge activated carbon and molecular sieve

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Topa is a manufacturer and exporter specialized in research, development and production of air filling industry. Our products have CE certification, freely circulate our products throughout the EEA. As a result of our highly quality and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global market reaching England, America and Germany, Holland, Russia, and so on.

Our main products are air gun charging series such as pcp pump, air compressors, 12v compressor, carbon fiber tanks, paintball regulator, HPA fill station, Micro bore fill Hose, fill probes and adaptors, pressure-gauges and so on related. We believe you will find the interesting products.

We are committed to providing with one-stop procurement services for customers. We want to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you instead of one or two orders if you have interest in extending our business into your market.

For more free information, Please contact us by

Website: www.topahydraulic.com

Email: mary@topahydraulic.com

Skype: maryguo-topa  Whatsapp: 0086-18033841603

Tel: +86-311-85153285

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hp scuba diving compressor price packed in wooden case, to avoid bump during delivery.

scuba tank compressor for small scuba tanksfree shipping includes Complete w/Spare Parts List and mini scuba diving air compressor‘s Manual

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Topa scuba diving compressor for sale’s mission is to provide the highest quality high-pressure air and gas producs and slution for industrial and electric diving compressor bottle air pump. We are a customer-centric, providing a series of high and low pressure electric scuba compressor and gas storage tanks..

All our high pressure compressors have passed CE certified, safer and momre relable for the customers.

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