40mpa Arms Airgun Mini Pcp hand air tank pump

Short Description:

This economical Topa pcp hand pump is so much more convenient to carry into the field than a bulky tank. It's great for filling and topping off your air rifle's reservoir.

There are wearing parts kits included with your high pressure air pump 4500 psi. You don't have to ship it to a repair station to replace seals, springs and other minor things that tend to wear out with regular use. User-maintenance is easy and keeps your 300bar air gun pump in good shape for many years.

Product Detail


40mpa Classic Hatsan Gamo Stirrup Arms Airgun Mini  Balloon Refill Portable Manual Pcp Pump


The Topa High Pressure Airgun Pump is extremely efficient. It compresses the maximum amount of air possible from each smooth and consistent stroke. That means fewer strokes and less work to fill your air gun. If you want a hand pump that you trust to work every time everywhere and is the best value for money, the Topa pcp air rifle pump is a great option. The 3-stage Topa pump pellet pistol  is easily portable and an essential tool for every serious PCP airgun shooter.

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300bar 4500 psi high pressure pcp  pump  Features:
1. Soft Handle .
2. Stainless Steel Material for first and second Inflator .
3. 8 mm Copper material Fast Connector ,excellent quality .
4. Anti-Vibration and Good Quality Mini 40mpa/6000psi Pressure Gauge ensures precision pressure.
5. With Water-Oil Separator
6. Three stage high pressure air pump
7. Folding pedal, easy to carry
8. 50cm high pressure hose with spring wrapped
9. Test  pcp air pump before leaving Topa factory
10. Application: 300 bar high pressure air pump for PCP, Hunting, Bicycle, Car, Air Refilling and etc.

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Condition 100% brand new
Material Stainless steel
Color Black, Silver, Camouflage
Length Approx.63CM/24.80″ long closed
Weight 3KG (approx.)
Max Pressure 4500psi/300Bar/30Mpa
Pump Chambers 3 stage
Connector 8 MM quick connector
 Type Manual high pressure pump 200 bar
 Name pcp rifle pump

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Compressed air pcp pump Application:

The air gun pcp compressor is Great for filling PCP rifles,airguns, HPA Airsoft/ Paintball tanks up to 300bar even to fill Scuba Tanks.

pump for rifle

We are professional pcp  paintball filling solution provider. We not only sell air filling products, but also provide solutions to keep your air rifle fill easily. We could provide you one stop solitons for your all pcp filling prodcuts.

pcp airgun air pump

pcp air compressor 4500 psi 220v adjustable auto stop package:

each 40mpa pump pcp  in single carton
5 pcs  air pump pcp  packed in a big carton
200-250 pcs high pressure pump 300bar loaded on one pallet
Customzied pcp stirrup pump carton with logo

200 bar air pump

Except for 3000 psi air pump, we also have high pressure pump,  all kinds of paintabll regulator, pcp valve, pcp fill station,fill probe, pcp microbore hose, pcp gun manometer, Aluminum and carbon fiber paintball ball air tank

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For any inforamtion about portable tyre inflator pump from germany or realted air filling produts, please contact us

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