Pcp 4500 Psi 300bar 30mpa 12v Volts High Pressure Air Compressors

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Pcp 4500 Psi 300bar 30mpa 12v Volts dc mini portable paintball High Pressure Air Compressors for hunting

The 12v pcp compressor can be plugged on a 12 V battery. It can fill the Topa cylinder (0.5 L) in 13 mins just by pushing the ON button. This 12v mini air compressor 220v have the automatic stop and set pressure function. The compressor 12v 30mpa filters have been specially designed by Topa to filter humidity, moisture, oil residues and oil smell for a clean air.

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Pcp 4500 Psi 300bar 30mpa 12v Volts High Pressure Air Compressors

The pcp compressor 12 v is powered by a charger with 220V capacity or directly connect to a vehicle. It incorporates a loading pressure of 300 Bar, making it ideal for any type of pre-compressed air rifle. In addition, it has an anti-explosion valve and a cooling system. Includes thermometer to measure the temperature of the compressor and, in this way, prevent internal overload.

air compressor 12v 200psi


4500psi 300bar 30mpa 12v air compressor Specifications:
1. Compact, portable, simple to operate. Light Weight,easy carrying.
2. Max fill 4500 psi.
3. Capable of running off of a 110V or 220V outlet or 12V car battery.
4. Oil and water free &  bulid-in fan cooling
5. 4500 PSI-310 BAR Max Fill Pressure
6. 12V DC powered for ultimate portability.
7. Temperature gauge reads in familiar degrees Fahrenheit.
8. Refill any airgun or small tank up to 0.5L.
9. Includes test plug,microbore fill whip with moisture filter



12v pcp compressor

portable 12v high pressure mini pcp air compressor

4500 psi high pressure electric air compressor

High pressure compressor for pcp 12v features

Voltage Supply: 12V Storage Battery Drive (included ), Power Rated: 220V/110V/12V.
Adjustable auto-shutoff.

compressor 12v 30mpa

High pressure portable 12v air compressor application

Compressore pcp 12 volt application for PCP, Paintball, scuba diving inflating that with less than 50ci air tank.

This is a portable oil-free and fan cooling pcp compressor pump.

200 psi air compressor 12v

Pcp air gun 4500psi compressor 12v advantage

1. Fan-Cooled
2. Adjustable auto-shutoff
3. Capable of running off of a 110V or 220V outlet or 12V car battery
4. External activated carbon oil-water separator, effectively separate oil and water

4500 psi 300bar high pressure pump electric pcpportable 12v high pressure mini pcp air compressor

About us

Topa is the professional pcp filling solution provider. We not only sell air filling products, but also provide solutions to keep your air fill easily.

Our main products are 12V air compressors, 300Bar air compressor, pcp hand pump, pcp fill station, air tanks, pcp valve, and related products.

In TOPA you will find exactly products you want. We are a one-stop manufacturer for all your pcp needs!

compressor pcp 12v

Pcp compressor 12 v portablepcp compressor 12 v package

1. Each air compressors 12v volts in one box
2. 50 pcs 12 volt 4500 psi air compressor on one pallet
3. Customized pcp compressor 12v package


12v portable pcp compressor

4500psi 300bar 30mpa 12v pcp air compressor 12v mini Related Products

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