300bar high pressure mini air compressor

Short Description:

300bar 4500psi high pressure mini made in italy air compressor
This 300-bar-air-compressor is designed for superior ease of use. Set the desired pressure needed for the tank being filled and let the machine do its work.

Product Detail


Preset Pressure

Adjustable output pressure, up to 4500 psi.

Auto stop at set pressure

Max 4500psi

Max fill pressure 300bar 4500 psi

fits any gun

For any brand of  PCP airguns, Airsoft and Paintball tanks, cylinders

300bar 220v Electric Portable High Pressure Mini Pcp Air Compressor

- lightweight and compact
- Automatic shut-off feature
- Max fill pressure 4500 psi
- Adjustable output pressure
- Uses 220V electrical outlet
- Weight: 40 lbs (without water and oil)
- Dimensions: 350mm x 175mm x 383mm


One stop solution for filling your gun

The Topa Portable 300bar Compressor is powered by a charger with 220V capacity or directly connect to a vehicle. It incorporates a loading pressure of 300 Bar, making it ideal for any type of pre-compressed air rifle. In addition, it has an anti-explosion valve and a cooling system

Air compressor application

Various scenarios for 300bar high pressure pcp compressor 4500 psi use




Fire Fighting




Sucba Diving

The air gun pcp compressor is Great for filling PCP rifles,airguns, HPA Airsoft/ Paintball tanks, carbon fiber cylinder up to 300bar


Power Supply: 220V or 110V

Power: 1.8kw 100% Cu electric machinery

Theory: Reciprocating Pump

Cooling system: Fan and water cooling

Speed: 2800R/MIN

Working pressure: 0-30mpa 

Inflation rate:0.5L/5Min, 30Mpa

Max pressure:300bar




4500 psi portable pcp compressor!


Production Process

4500 psi high pressure electric air compressor!

4500 psi mini air compressor process process:
4500 psi mini air compressor process process:

1.Cut air pump compressor materail                           4. Install pcp pump 4500 psi air compressor Piston  rod assembly and cylinder
2.CNC machine 300bar air compressor parts             5. Assembly pcp electric compressor other parts
3.Assembly paintball air compressor motor                6. test each hpa compressor before package


PCP high pressure compressor Packing Includes:

pcp compressor 300 bar Package List:
pcp compressor 300 bar Package List:

1 x electric air pump 300bar    1 x Outlet Pipe               1 x 8mm Quick Connector      1 x Water Cooling Pump      1 x Tire Inflation Adapter

1 x Water Pipe                         1 x Wearing Parts           1 x Pressure Plug                  1 x Manual                            1 x Power Cables (0V)

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