12v 220v 30mpa Portable High Pressure Mini Air Pcp Compressor

Short Description:

12v 220v 30mpa 4500Psi 300bar with transformers Portable High Pressure Pump Electric Mini Air Pcp Compressor

12 volt high pressure air compressor Ideal for customers who own several units and want the autonomy to fill units on their own, or for customers who are in remote locations with minimal access to air.
Voltage Supply: 12V Storage Battery Drive (included ), Power Rated: 220V/110V/12V. Application for PCP, Paintball, scuba diving inflating that with less than 50ci air tank. This is a portable oil-free and fan cooling pcp compressor pump.

Product Detail



300bar 4500 psi portable 12v listrik mini pcp air compressor

 Small and light

Fast heat dissipation

Automatic shut-down

Product application

12v portable compressor
12v air compressor 4500psi
air compressor 12 volt
portable 12v air compressor

pcp air gun compressor is widely used in home and outdoor, filling for automobile tires, PCP air guns and small capacity fire rescue cylinders and paintball HPA tanks, high pressure airbag or other pneumatic devices.

Product video

Air compressor 12v


pcp 12v dc air charging rate:
0.5L 8 minutes from 200bar to 300bar,
0.5L 24 minutes from 1 to 300 bar,
This 12v pcp compressor could use both DC 12V (car battery ) and AC 110V 220V(via converter)

Product Details

electric motor 12v

1)Super fan, high speed 12500 rpm, effectively dissipate

2)Large pressure gauge, set pressure, automatic shutdown, convenient

3)Built in 110V/220V converter, one unit power, capable for 110/220 outlet or car battery

4)External activated carbon oil-water separator, effectively separate oil and water


Product advantage

12 volt air-compressors

The 12v dc high pressure compressor --pcp--4500 psi that converts the mechanical energy of the primary motion into the gas pressure energy.
This pcp pump 12v is easy to operate both at home and in filed.
Light Weight, Small size, easy carrying make 12v pcp compressor is very convenient to carry.

this 12 volt pcp air compressor use bigger copper motor on it,
pcp compressor 4500 psi also high temperature resistance,
pcp electric compressor has better heat dissipation,more durable.
This compressor pcp is No oil, no water for cooling required. Simple.
You could choose auto shut-off type pcp high pressure compressor, No need to watch it.

Product package


Product List of 12V compressor for pcp:
1x Electric 12v pcp compressor stainless steel 12V PCP COMPRESSOR
1x 8mm Disconnect Hose on pcp air gun compressor
2x Battey Clips with Cable for pcp pump 12v

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